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Welcome 2019!

Welcome to the year 2019! As I haven't posted in a while (again!) I am using this entry to do a review of the 2nd half of 2018. But before I start I'd like to let you know that my blog changed from "shenandora.wordpress.com" to "shenandora.blog", as I now run my own domain. So, what… Continue reading Welcome 2019!

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Books review: March 2018 | Part 1

How to be a Victorian: I've always wanted to know about their lifes, especially what it ment to be a woman back in the 19th century. Very well written with loads of informations! The Victorian House, How to be a Victorian, Life in Victorian Britain This beautiful Sherlock Holmes edition is just amazing and should definitely… Continue reading Books review: March 2018 | Part 1

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Books review: February 2018 | Part 1

I have to admit that I never read the Harry Potter books before, but when the 20 years special edition came out I finally started reading them. What a joy it is to read about Harry and his friends and all their exciting adventures... Harry Potter 20 years anniversary special edition Arthur Conan Doyle and… Continue reading Books review: February 2018 | Part 1