Cotswolds · England · jane austen · Summer 2017 · UK

Adlestrop House / Jane Austen

This is Adlestrop House, which Jane Austen visited at least 3 times as it was her uncle T. Leigh's house. It is still owned by the family Leigh. "Jane Austen made several visits to stay with her cousin who was the Church rector and it is rumoured that the house and the grounds of Adlestrop… Continue reading Adlestrop House / Jane Austen

Cotswolds · England · Summer 2017 · UK

St. Edward’s Church, West entry / Doors of Durin, LotR

It is believed that this is the door that inspired JRR Tolkien's door to Moria (Doors of Durin, LOTR). You can find the door in Stow-on-the-Wold in the beautiful Cotswolds (St. Edward's Church, West entry). It is known that he visited the Cotswolds many times.