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SherloCon 2018

So in May I also got to visit the SherloCon 2018 in Saarbrücken, Germany, hosted by Deutsche Sherlock Holmes Gesellschaft! What a wonderful experience, especially because most visitors were dressed in Victorian fashion, including my sister and myself. The Victorian dress I'm wearing was tailored by my 77 years old mom. I love it and… Continue reading SherloCon 2018

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Books review: May 2018

It's always good starting the day with a good book! Still on book 4 of Harry Potter. The story's getting better and better with each of these fantastic books! Absolutely worth a read if you're a fan of the famous author Arthur Conan Doyle! (German!) So happy I got my hands on the 2nd book… Continue reading Books review: May 2018

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Books review: March 2018 | Part 1

How to be a Victorian: I've always wanted to know about their lifes, especially what it ment to be a woman back in the 19th century. Very well written with loads of informations! The Victorian House, How to be a Victorian, Life in Victorian Britain This beautiful Sherlock Holmes edition is just amazing and should definitely… Continue reading Books review: March 2018 | Part 1

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Books review: Feb 2018 | Part 2

I'm very happy with this Sherlock Holmes edition from Canterbury Classics. It's a 3D pop-up classics book with loads of beautiful illustrations/pop-up illustrations inside. It has A Scandal in Bohemia and The Blue Carbuncle in it. Sherlock Holmes 3D pop-up classics book by Canterbury Classics (Arthur Conan Doyle)