Dublin · Ireland

Ireland 2014 – Part III

Dublin – The next two days

Oscar Wilde, loads of rain, more colourful art work, hidden alleys and Dublin Castle.

Molly Malone

When I led my sister and friend to the Molly Malone statue I couldn’t believe my eyes cause she was no longer there. Turning around several times I said, “she was here, I swear, she was here!” A moment later we were told that she’s in a pub getting drunk. – A joke? Not really. A shop owner told us that she had been removed due to a makeover, in a pub. Someone should have told me!

Molly Malone

One thought on “Ireland 2014 – Part III

  1. THAT’s why I didn’t see Molly Malone neither. I was walking the streets along with a friend and thought that I had made a mistake as I wasn’t sure if she should have been there. But it was late and we were hungry, so I didn’t think about her much…
    I guess you were in a different Dublin than me and Lydia – and I was in a different Dublin as well last time I was there. We haven’t seen one of the things in your picture…
    Complex Dublin! :-)

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