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Ireland 2014 – Part I

The first two days

So right after we arrived in Dublin we settled into our three-bedroom, which was quite an adventure. Three different characters in a small room with an even smaller bathroom. Not to mention the hotel labyrinth. Luckily it only took us the first two days or so until we were able to find back to the reception and to the breakfast room without using a hotel map. But if you ever plan on staying as close to the Temple Bar as possible, the Street Fleet Hotel is definitely the right accomodation. The hotel staff is very friendly and always willing to help you as good as possible.


Beautiful and busy as always. This time I got to see some of the more hidden places in Dublin. We even made it to St. Stephen’s Green and the shopping center. And since it was the first time my sister and my friend visited Ireland/Dublin I had to take them to Trinity College, The Book of Kells and the Long Room.

Of course we had to visit some of the pubs in Temple Bar even though I knew most of them were all set up to welcome tourists from all over the world…

2 thoughts on “Ireland 2014 – Part I

  1. It was a good choice to visit the Book of Kells for a second time. I did it as well – and with the temporary exhibition there of the Emperor of the Irish: Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf, 1014 (April to October 2014) I even saw and learned something new.

    I’m looking forward to find out what else you visited in Ireland.


    Btw: Henry is cute ;-)

  2. Actually I visited the Book of Kells for the third time, but no more visits planned for the next couple of years.

    Already editing more photos for my next post.

    Isn’t he. ;)

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