Cliffs Of Moher · Ireland

Ireland 2014 – Part IV – Off to the West Coast

Limerick, Shannon River, King John's Castle, Bunratty Castle We got up very early, had a quick coffee and got ready for our first day tour, which started at 6.50 am. Imagine how excited we all were. The Cliffs of Moher, one of the most famous places in Ireland. Our first stop was Limerick and the… Continue reading Ireland 2014 – Part IV – Off to the West Coast

Dublin · Ireland

Ireland 2014 – Part III

Dublin - The next two days Oscar Wilde, loads of rain, more colourful art work, hidden alleys and Dublin Castle. Molly Malone When I led my sister and friend to the Molly Malone statue I couldn't believe my eyes cause she was no longer there. Turning around several times I said, "she was here, I swear,… Continue reading Ireland 2014 – Part III

Dublin · Ireland

Ireland 2014 – Part II

Saint Patrick's Cathedral Dublin On our third day we got to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral. The last time I wanted to go inside it was closed for reasons I can't remember. "Saint Patrick is said to have baptised converts to Christianity at a well that once existed in the park alongside the Cathedral. Because of… Continue reading Ireland 2014 – Part II

Dublin · Ireland

Ireland 2014 – Part I

The first two days So right after we arrived in Dublin we settled into our three-bedroom, which was quite an adventure. Three different characters in a small room with an even smaller bathroom. Not to mention the hotel labyrinth. Luckily it only took us the first two days or so until we were able to… Continue reading Ireland 2014 – Part I